A long time ago, a very wise man said this to me: “If someone asks you for a dollar, and it’s within your power to give it, it’s your duty as a human being to give it. However, if someone demands of you twenty-five cents and you don’t wish to give it, then it’s your duty to fight to keep your twenty-five cents. Always be charitable but never be a victim.”

That may seem a petty difference to make but it allowed him to clearly articulate his point: if you can help someone who needs help, then it’s your duty as a compassionate human being to do so.  However, if someone isn’t asking for help; if someone is demanding that you do something for them, whether you want to or not, then it’s your duty to yourself to stand your ground and resist the demand.

Why do I bring this up?  Because it seems entirely appropriate given the state of affairs in our nation today…

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