Just recently I wrote an entry about “The True Value of Life & Wealth,” in which I discuss those things in our lives that cannot be bought but are of great value. As a few of these attached images popped up on my computer in the daily feeds I review, it occurred to me that many of the items I discussed regarding valuable items in our lives that don’t have a dollar amount attached to them are the items we often can’t experience or have in our lives until we get a bit older.  How old?  That depends on the item.

Before I discuss what some of those items are – and rest assured most of them are the very things I consider true blessings – I wanted to share a few words about “growing old” and “growing up.”

First, as a man now in my early fifties, I hear many of my friends complain about the aches and pains of age. I wish I could say that I can relate, but most of the time I can’t and there’s a specific reason why. The reason is that I firmly believe and base my behavior on the outlook of, “Use it or lose it,” where our physical capabilities are concerned and related to aging. I still teach on occasion …

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