Sure, we’d all like to be rich. If you’re familiar with the Avengers in Marvel Comics, then you know who Tony Stark is.  It’s no surprise that, when asked which Avenger they’d like to be, most people answered, “Iron Man.”  When asked to explain why people most often cited the fact that Iron Man’s alter ego, Tony Stark, is mega rich.  And we’re not talking about millionaire, multi-millionaire or even billionaire kind of rich. We’re talking about STUPID rich – multi-billionaire worth HUNDREDS of billions of dollars.  Yeah, we all recognize that having that kind of money would probably enable us to make a few changes in our life that might impact our quality of life (quite possibly the biggest understatement ever).

But, let me ask you this: for those of you who have family… a spouse, children, parents still living, etc – would you trade any or all of them for money?  I can’t imagine any dollar amount that I’d take to give up my family.  I’m SURE there are times my wife would happily trade me for a few million.  Heck, there are probably times she’d trade me for two bucks (just kidding, dear), but our children? You could offer her trillions of dollars and she’d laugh at you.  Give up her children? Oh, HELL no.  Not for the world – quite literally. I feel the same way.  Every decent parent I know feels the same way.

Why is that?

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