Every now and then I get REALLY lucky and something happens in life to teach me a lesson.  I imagine this happens to everyone who is open to learning anything but it can be just so surprising when it happens that I felt the need to take a minute and exercise my fingers sharing it.

Last night (as I type this) was the high school graduation for my youngest son.  I have four children spaced out with ten years between the oldest and the youngest. Yesterday evening I attended the graduation for my youngest… which also means it’s the last high school graduation I’ll attend for one of my children.  No doubt I’ll attend several for my grandchildren, but that’s a decade or more away.

This morning I had the thought that now he begins the next chapter in his life – as do my wife and I since we’ll be “empty nesters” when he goes to college this fall. Due to circumstance and the way life has worked out, after he goes to college, it will be the first time in about 22 years of marriage that my wife and I have been married without children in the house.  This is my second marriage and we both came into it with children from previous relationships. The realization was startling when I had it about a year ago…

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