Have you ever had one of those conversations wherein someone tells you that you shouldn’t have done something?  I used to have such conversations all the time with my dad.  He was the absolute best at reminding me of all the bad decisions I’d made.  He liked to tell me how different my life would be if I’d just made that OTHER choice.  What neither of us ever realized at the time was that the decisions were cumulative.  Each decision made is like a fork in the road: if you choose to take the path on the right, then you get more decisions / forks down that path. If you take the left then the same thing happens.  What most of us imagine is a future where the paths never intersect and actually the end points get farther and farther apart.  But what if the cumulative effect is a juncture of the paths?

Yes, I know. It’s quite a philosophical thought.  But it’s one I’ve seen demonstrated in my life.  I was an adopted child.  My birth family was financially challenged (poor) and what would become my adopted family was financially well off (upper middle class).  My birth family was full of love and care. My adopted family was more performance and image oriented.  You would think that a path so drastically changed on the day of my birth would be radically different from what it could have been.


I’d like to think so too, but here’s reality…

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