This morning I’ve seen two things in my facebook “news” feed that have me a bit irked. Let me delve into what I consider the smaller issue first – that of the memes I’ve seen with “NIGGA” used in them… a lot. Perhaps my challenge with the use of this term stems from my mental inflexibility. I don’t understand how using “NIGGA” can be okay, but “NIGGER” can’t. Aren’t they essentially the same thing? Is one a term of endearment but the other is one of insult? Before reading further and thinking I’m just off my rocker, consider this: If you replaced “NIGGA” in all those memes with “CRACKA,” wouldn’t they all look pretty stupid? wouldn’t they be perceived as insulting? Wouldn’t they make you shake your head in wonderment at the idiocy? Read on…

Screen shot 2012-02-14 at 6.46.44 PMToday’s American society is more racially divided than I’ve seen it in my life. Yes, I was a boy in the late ’60s and it may have been worse then – if so, I can’t remember it. When I was in the third grade, mandatory integration started and bussing brought students from various neighborhoods in my school district into my school. It was educational. That was the fourth year of the operation of my elementary school. It was the first year that drugs were found anywhere in the school: a bussed in 5th grader was selling marijuana. We ALL were told very specifically NOT to blame the person’s race; NOT to think that all people of a given race committed crimes; not to prejudge.

Then I spent over 20 years as a police officer in Prince George’s County, MD. I once made the statement that any neighborhood’s crime rate could be reasonably predicted based on the demographics within it. I was immediately called racist. Mind you, demographics aren’t just race (as so many people seem to think), but also include marital status, financial status, employment status and more. It was a true statement… made in front of a mayor of a neighborhood that was comprised 98% of one race – and I was immediately labeled a racist. That accusation was repeated over and over again, without any explanation as to WHY that belief existed. I simply was racist because a woman had decided I was racist and told all her friends… and they told two friends and they told two friends… well, you’ve seen the commercial.

But here’s the thing: I don’t look around and think general derogatory thoughts about anyone I see of a different race than mine. Hell, I’m not sure what race I should claim anymore. I mean, I’ve always just checked the “white” or “Caucasian” box on paperwork, but I’m thinking that’s just not right. As specific and petty as society seems to have become, I’m thinking I should be checking “Native American” (because SOMEWHERE in my family tree was an American Indian) or maybe Irish or German… wait, those aren’t on there. Why not? Because they’d be just a different shade of WHITE – but that’s a racist thought. It lumps all people of a single skin color into a single category based purely on the color of their skin. Isn’t that the very definition of racism?

racism handsFolks, we have GOT to stop… I know I’m preaching to the choir, because the people who REALLY need to read and understand this likely can’t understand the vocabulary (YES, that was a prejudicial assumption – but they ARE intentionally and willfully ignorant, and I’m NOT talking about anyone from a single “race” of humans). Those of you who ARE reading it probably already share my belief: the division of Americans along racial lines…along perceived (thanks to the mainstream media) financial lines… along religious philosophy lines… it has to stop. We have to be AMERICANS. We have to embrace the values and beliefs, as reasonably adapted over the centuries, that our Founding Fathers (and Mothers) put forth in our Constitution. We have to become one again or we’re ALL going to end up being worse off than we are now – at the mercy of tyrants who giggle and gloat at how silly we are under their manipulation.

Which brings me to my second topic: Hillary and gun control. I keep seeing how freaked out everyone is because “Hillary’s going to take my guns!” Well, I have a news flash for you: Hillary isn’t taking anyone’s guns. Hillary might believe that guns are evil and she might believe that none of us has an actual right to own or carry them. That’s what Hillary believes. But before the big H can do anything about taking anyone’s guns, she has to get the House and Senate to pass laws that prohibit the ownership of firearms. Then she has to get enough ARMED men and women to go door to door and gather them up. How well do you think that will go over? I’m pretty sure that at some point, myself and those like me, will use those guns to fight back. The beauty of the Second Amendment is that it’s its own guarantee. The government CAN’T take my rights away, including my right to keep and bear arms, as long as I’m willing to fight for them. And if I’m not willing to fight for them… well, then… I probably don’t deserve them.

Rights are given by God – and call that supreme deity by any name you’d like – but it’s still GOD. Rights are granted by GOD and recognized, here in America, by the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. It’s almost a running joke but I can see it having happened. The First Amendment – freedom of speech and exclusion of state from church – was written down and someone asked, “But what happens when the future government tries to take those rights away?” And the Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms was immediately written. But keep this in mind: They were written by men who had just fought for their independence. They had just fought to be free of tyranny. They had just fought to create a government of the people, by the people and for the people.

That willingness to fight isn’t something everyone carries. We all know people who are pacifists either by choice of philosophy OR because they simply don’t have the intestinal fortitude to stand their ground in the face of a threat. I’m willing to bet that there are more of us than anyone thinks. You see, when a man’s family is threatened… when a mom’s children are threatened… when a person’s life and freedom are threatened in a way that they can no longer deny… they will FIND the willingness and motivation to stand their ground, go toe to toe with a bigger foe and say, “No more! and the slugfest will commence.

I, for one, am not worried about Hillary winning the presidency. Yes, I think if it happened it would be horrible for our country, but the power of America doesn’t sit in the White House and it’s not carried around in any one person or name. The strength of America is not her government, nor her politicians, nor – as much – her military. The strength of America is AMERICANS. All it takes is AMERICANS willing to stand their ground, back their beliefs and put up a fight.

How many of us? Well, let’s take a look at a speech from a legendary warrior, Heraclitus,and use his numbers.

“Out of every one hundred men, ten shouldn’t even be there; eighty are just targets; nine are the real fighters, and we are lucky to have them, for they make the battle. Ah, but the one; one is a warrior, and he will bring the others back.”

So, take a look America: 330 million of us in the nation? I know that a great many are women and children, but I only discount the children. Assuming that counts for a third, I’m going to use 220 Million as our “fighting age” population. Not all of them would fight, that’s for sure. “Ten shouldn’t even be there,” and wouldn’t be. 10% gone right there. 22M out of the picture. 198M left.

“Eighty are just targets,” so that’s another 80% out of the fight. That leaves us with 20% or 39.6M.

“Nine are real fighters,” so that’s 35.6M “real fighters.”

“Ah, but the one…” The 1% who are true warriors; who will take the battle to the enemy; who will fight to their dying breath with skill and strength and make those who oppose America’s basic values regret they ever heard our name. But folks… out of 220M that 1% is 2.2 million.

You find me two point two MILLION pissed off, armed Americans and I’ll show you an army this planet hasn’t seen the likes of since the Spartans kicked ass at Thermopylae.

So… stop fretting Hillary. Yes, VOTE. Do your best to keep her out of office. But believe that she can end the U.S. of A.? Don’t give her so much credit – and give yourselves more. Look in the mirror and figure out who and what you are. I’m an American. More than that, I’m an American military veteran who has the benefit of knowledge and skill Uncle Sam’s Army taught me to fight the enemy. Oh, and that enemy? All of them, both foreign and domestic. I don’t worry about Hillary. I DO worry about the future of our nation – but it’s not unsalvageable…not yet.

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