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Surviving the Zombies: Things the CDC Didn't Know

Mr. Borelli provides an intriguing epidemiological study of zombies ranging from 60,000 BC to present times drawing some startling conclusions and links to known historical events along the way. Included are previously unreported (or covered-up) zombie outbreaks, as well as information about the current zombie pandemic, and the various ways zombies are created. He pays particular attention to illustrating what ...

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Enemies, Haters and Doubters

There was a time in my life when, without filter or care, I'd say whatever was on my mind.  Like anyone else, some of what I said was critical of others and, although I didn't realize it, sometimes unfair.  To say that I made a few enemies in my youth would be an understatement.  Heck, that was before I ever ...

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Above Dirt

The Above Dirt collection of stories and life lessons will also help you to be inspired! Read the stories and you will have a greater appreciation of the blessings you have and challenges you face. Use them to do more, to be more! The lessons are enduring. Above Dirt will have you thinking about your life, your goals, and your ...

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Risk, Care, Dream & Expect

It's a reality of life that we can't incorporate just one positive characteristic into our personality make up and be a complete person.  Instead, we have to incorporate numerous positive characteristics, molding them together, finding the proper balance between them, and leveraging the sum of the whole to reach an improvement in who we are.  Part of who we are ...

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Father to Son: Guidance in Following the Straight & Narrow

“Father to Son” is an instruction manual for sons on how to live life with honor, dignity, and integrity. It covers subjects across the spectrum from how to to treat people (well), to when to fight (when there’s no alternative), and what to think about money (it’s necessary, but not the end-all). While it takes a decidedly 21st century approach ...

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Dreams Alone Don't Work

We ALL have dreams.  Some of them are big dreams: a bigger house, to be married, to have a dozen grandchildren, etc.  Some of them are smaller dreams: a better (newer?) car, to date someone we like, to get that promotion, etc.  Most of us recognize that "dreams" are also goals - and we can work toward our goals.  One ...

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Personal Disaster Planning Handbook

Based on experience and knowledge gained during his thirty-plus years of service in uniform, the author prepared this Personal Disaster Planning Handbook to offer basic guidance. This handbook addresses emergency preparedness at home, and in a redundant, layered approach if you are required-by law or circumstance-to leave your home. The first sections address the various layers, beginning with you, followed ...

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Dream Big; Live Large!

One of my favorite birthday greetings to offer someone is, "Happy Birthday!  Celebrate like it's your last; live each day like you want 100 more!"  While I've had a few people express dismay at the very thought of having their last birthday (completely understandable reaction), the also express delight at the idea of "celebrating large" and then living another 100 ...

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American Thinking

American Thinking is a collection of Frank Borelli's writings on a wide range of topics: the nature of being an American and the service-orientated nature of patriotism; the training necessary to so serve; the kinds of threats that we will need to address as patriots; the equipment (including mental equipment) we need; and a close look at the threat that ...

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Don't Have Regrets; Take Chances!

Yesterday evening (as I type this) I had a conversation with my oldest son about choices we make in life and how they shape our future.  Of course, we can only guess and/or assume how our future will change when we're making those choices.  In the future we can look back and see the results of our choices and decide ...

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American Thinking II

American Thinking II is an anthology of Frank Borelli's work for the law enforcement & military communities, producing articles about motivation, common sense, service to our country and more. Kindle Edition $9.99 Nook Edition $9.99

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About Frank Borelli

A native of Cumberland, Maryland, Frank attended DeMatha Catholic High School in Hyattsville, Maryland and immediately thereafter began his law enforcement career as a Military Police Officer in the United States Army. At the age of four he had declared his desire to become a police officer.  In junior high school he admitted his desire to be a writer.  Just prior to enlisting in the army he knew he wanted to become a police trainer.  Along with having a family, those were his dreams.

Having begun his law enforcement career as an MP, and upon receiving his first Honorable Discharge, Frank became a civilian police officer. His 25+ year career included assignments in patrol, training, youth services, investigations, task force assignments, and more. In 1989 Frank become a certified police instructor and had, at that point, made two of his dreams come true.  In 1995 Frank re-entered military service as a member of the Maryland Army National Guard serving both in the infantry and combat engineers.

In addition to his police and military service, Frank began a writing career in 1999, finalizing (or actually just beginning) his third dream. With several hundred articles now published internationally, eight books and two research papers published (so far), Frank is the Editor In Chief for and the Editorial Director for the Cygnus Law Enforcement Media team which runs, Law Enforcement Technology magazine and Law Enforcement Product News magazine.

Having made all three of his career dreams a reality by the age of 35, and demonstrating a positive, motivated lifestyle, Frank was approached by several friends and work mates to become a motivational speaker.  Having been the keynote speaker at several professional police events and having produced, with Steve Forgues, a book about motivational thoughts and philosophies (Above Dirt), Frank finally kicked off a motivational teacher/coach/speaker career.  If you’d like Frank to speak at one of your events, send an email to