The quote is from the Master, Bruce Lee.  He was a man who certainly didn’t have an easy life, but somehow found the time and energy to train, as well as training and motivating others.  All too often we – all of us humans – find a crutch in praying to god (or God – or whatever deity you prefer) – for an easier time of things.  I’ve known people who ONLY pray when times are tough and they think they can’t handle it.  I’ve known people who pray multiple times per day for God to help them with their problems; for God to ease up their burden; for God to… well, you get the idea.  They pray for an easier life.  Then there are those who say, “God will only burden me with what he knows I can handle.  God must think I’m a badass.”

Most of us, at some point in our lives, feel overwhelmed.  We feel like life is a crushing weight that we can’t stand under for very much longer.  Yet, we wake up each day, face whatever life is throwing at us, adjust the burden on our shoulders (figuratively speaking) and march on.  We keep living even as we wish life would get easier instead of harder.  For too many, it never dawns on them that life gets easier as you get stronger.  The burden may not get any lighter at all; in fact, it may continue to grow… but if you continue to grow stronger and if you can somehow do so faster than the burden grows, then you end up feeling less burdened in the end.


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