As I type this entry it’s “Black Friday” 2019. One of the best memes I’ve seen recently is the one that points out how so many people rush out on Black Friday to buy stuff they don’t even need on the day after they’re supposed to be thankful for all their blessings. Now, admittedly, some of the stuff that gets bought isn’t for personal use; it’s to be given away as Christmas presents. Good on those folks. What makes me cringe is the level of stress, hurry and worry that will occur today as America launches into the holiday season. Every year about this time a few things occur and, unfortunately for some, they seem to never change. Let’s talk about a few and how we can overcome them together.

In these last couple months of each year everyone is trying to balance work, holiday events, shopping and more. What all too often gets neglected is the attention we need to pay to ourselves. We need to insure proper amounts of fitful sleep, a relatively nutritious and sensible intake and some amount of exercise. Out of that list of three items we need, exercise most often gets neglected first with sleep a close second. That nutritious and sensible intake? Don’t make me laugh. It’s that time of year where people just assume that they’re going to gain ten pounds. But it’s okay because they’ll have that New Year’s resolution to get back to the gym and eat clean, right?

So, let’s start off with the exercise and the intake challenges. This is an invitation for you to join me in a consistent system of nutritional awareness and scheduled exercise. Note: I did NOT say “join me in a healthy system of nutritional intake.” I don’t fool myself about what I’m going to eat this season. Yesterday was Thanksgiving and I ate whatever I wanted – BUT I PAID ATTENTION TO IT. As a matter of habit, I keep an eating journal that documents what I take in and what the macros are: protein, fat and carbs. I use the FREE online website My Fitness Pal. ( After setting up the account and setting my goals, it’s easy to put in what I eat and keep track of my calories, exercise, water intake, etc. Add to that the ease of using the mobile app and there’s simply no excuse not to keep an accurate record of what you’re eating. If you do this each day and then “Finish Diary” at the end of the day, the site will give you an estimate of what your weight loss will be (if that’s your goal) in five weeks’ time. I strongly recommend that you start journaling your intake recognizing that you may not be the most disciplined between now and the end of the year. The goal isn’t to go on a diet or to lose weight; the goal is to get in the habit of keeping track, paying attention and being aware. As to the exercise portion of this…

I’ve made no secret of the fact that last year I became an Independent Beachbody coach. Some of my friends have been surprised that I don’t pimp the system and products real hard. “Isn’t it a business?” they ask. Yes, it is. But here’s the secret (for me): whether I sell anything or not – EVER – I get to use the system and get a discount on the products. I am healthier and in better shape so, profitable or not, the system works for me. Here’s your invitation to join me at no cost up front: Visit my Beachbody Coach page and explore the links. The Beachbody system has multiple nutrition education programs like 2B Mindset, Ultimate Portion Fix and 21 Day Fix. Those programs don’t just sell you products (or any at all beyond the basic stuff to attain the education portion and tools to use it), but educate you on what’s in what you’re eating, how to plan and prep your meals and what the end goals are. In addition to the nutrition education Beachbody has a tested and proven line of nutritional and performance supplements. From Shakeology to healthy Beachbar snacks to Performance Packs, the available line is fairly complete. I drink my Shakeology every day and have noticed a number of benefits from sleeping better to fewer headaches and higher levels of energy (not to mention my weight loss and physical performance improvements). Through the Beachbody On Demand system I have over 700 workouts available to me wherever I am as long as I have internet access. The variety of programs run the gamut from yoga to pure cardio to strength training and bodybuilding. New programs are being developed and released regularly with the most recent being 6 Weeks of THE WORK. I use a mix of three of the most popular programs: LIIFT4, Core de Force and 22 Minute Hard Corps. And for those who don’t want to dive in with both feet (so to speak), you can purchase Shakeology products independent from Beachbody on Demand and vice versa. I post my scheduled workouts each morning on my Back to Basic PT Fitness page on Facebook.

Now, with all of that information shared, one of the biggest questions I get is, “How do you stay motivated to do this every day?”  Honestly… I don’t. There are LOTS of days where I have ZERO motivation and no matter how much I search for it in the bottom of my coffee cup, it’s just not there.  That’s when discipline has to take over. Here’s my reality and it might be one some of you can relate to: I’m 55 years old (as I type this) and my body has been abused. As a veteran of the US Army and a police officer for over 30 years, my body has been tested. From motorcycle accidents to being shot, stabbed, hit with baseball bats and a pickup truck… my body has seen some damage. If I don’t want to wake up in pain every day and have limited mobility, I HAVE to keep in motion. Having been born into a family where Type II Diabetes runs, I HAVE to keep my weight down and pay attention to what I eat. Shakeology and Beachbody on Demand help me with the eating and exercising, but what about mindset and motivation? My Instagram feed is full of people who help to keep me motivated; internationally recognized coaches, mentors and super trainers. I try to add to that by writing my own motivational blog anytime the energy is moving through me the right way. Obviously, if you’re reading this entry, you’re on my site to subscribe and get notified each time I publish something new. OR, you can subscribe to my Amazon Author’s Page and get notified each time I publish something new. As I write this I have a series of four motivational books already published and am working on the next two! Additionally, I try to share a positive motivational message every morning on my Facebook page for Mentor Frank Borelli.  More often than not, starting the day with a simple positive message can help set the tone for the whole day.

Last but not least… too many people wait for the New Year to start building a better life for themselves. “A better life” includes being healthier, happier at work, more educated, more focused and generally enjoying life more. Improving your quality of life should never be back-burnered behind anything – NEVER. I don’t care that it’s the holiday season, work is crazy and you’ve got all of your Christmas shopping left to do. I don’t care that you feel mentally wiped out at the end of each day. You still have to make time for you. Each day you need to intentionally fuel your body in a way that adds to your energy and helps you feel better in a holistic fashion. Each day you need to do something to improve YOU – mentally, physically and emotionally. If that means getting up a half hour earlier each day, then that’s what you do. If that means making yourself exercise before you eat dinner, that’s what you do. What you DON’T do is think (or say), “It’s okay. I’ll start with the New Year.” Why wait? There’s a whole month between now and then you that’s a month you could spend investing in a new you. Rather than waiting to start, get started and run into the New Year feeling better, being healthier and being more fit.

THIS is your invitation to join me on my journey as I pursue that goal every day. Who’s ready to go?  Let’s do this! Email me if you want to join me on this journey or simply want more information.


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