Every year around this time, as all law enforcement professionals know, suicides and suicide attempts seem to climb in number.  The stress of the season, for whatever reason, seems to outweigh the happiness and good cheer that (seemingly) all of us are trying to spread.  The challenge is that not ALL of us really are trying to spread good cheer.  Some people are merely trying to make a few more dollars before the fiscal year ends. Some people are just trying to get a few more sales made before the end of year. Some people are just trying to leverage the season to fatten their purses/wallets and they don’t think about anything else. Now, it’s true that such folks can really only prey on those who haven’t set a budget or haven’t made up their mind what they want to buy, etc.

Some people, unfortunately, don’t have many friends or family around them. Worse yet, some people have friends and family who don’t prioritize them properly and they end up spending the holidays feeling lonely; not because they are alone in life but because they are being ignored or set aside by those who should know better and act better. USUALLY, the person being ignored can cope with it because they have other people of value in their life and they can focus on THOSE relationships instead. They can, in effect, distract themselves from the fact that people are treating them crappy.

But what if you’re one of those people who have little family and few friends, and those that you have aren’t prioritizing you as they should?

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