One of the greatest compliments I’ve ever been paid was when a longtime friend of mine posted on a social media site that I had inspired him. I hadn’t, until that point, considered that I might inspire anyone to anything, but reality is that we ALL inspire someone to something. If we’re jerks, we might inspire them to dislike us. If we’re courteous we might inspire them to smile. Some people spread a positive message and inspire others to do the same. This entry is about seeking out such people and focusing on their message to offset or replace the negativity that seems to exist in each day.

I can’t say I’m familiar with many motivational speakers. I think it’s pretty cool that some people can get up on a stage, give a speech and get applause. Then they sell books and move on to the next speech – and that’s how they make their living. More power to them. What I personally find inspirational though are people who are LIVING a life full of activity and accomplishment and they set a motivational / inspirational example.

History documents a collection of such people, but because they are historical – not our contemporaries – we’re taking on faith that what we know about them is accurate. Of course, with today’s “news” service being what it is, the same can be said of our contemporaries.  However, thanks to the evolution of social media, it’s easier to get a feel for what a person actually is today…

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