The eyes are the window to the soul.” A quote attributed to a great many people and we’ll never know who really said it first. But if the eyes are the window to the soul, then OUR eyes – the eyes we see others’ with – are a reflection of our perceptions. If that’s true, then what we see in the eyes of others says as much about our soul as it does of the person we’re seeing. That seems almost like circular reasoning, doesn’t it?  It is… kind of.  But it’s also true. Our character… our personality… our values and beliefs are revealed in how we perceive others and how we act on that perception; how we react to them.

There is certainly a strength is exercising our perception and the ability to read someone through the expression of their eyes. Of course, it’s not JUST their eyes, but the look on their face, their body language – their overall demeanor. It’s NOT their tone of voice or the words they say. If we’re really listening, then the words they say and how they say them are less than half of what’s actually being said; less than half of what they’re expressing. Quite often, what they’re expressing is not what they want to express. Many times people try to say something that isn’t an accurate expression of what they’re feeling or thinking.

If those people are people we care about, it behooves us to look past what they’re saying and “hear” what they’re feeling…

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  • Funny, the people who need to read this never will. Sad how easy it is to turn away these days. We rely on a computer for our information, often muting it, skipping past things that might upset us. Thanks for sharing this Frank

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